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Hacking and Protecting Facebook Accounts

Facebook is a popular social media website where one may find friends, likeminded people, and discussion boards. The site is full of blogs, fan pages, photos, and videos. However, it brings some dangers, too. If you aren’t careful, you might lose bot only the profile itself but personal information as well. Let’s find out more about how to hack an account as well as how to increase its protection.

The theory of Three Trusted Friends

“Three trusted friends” password recovery system makes it easy to hack one’s account. To do it, one must create three fake accounts and add the targeted person to each page. Once it’s done, you may click on the forgot-my-password button. It takes you to a page where you need to tell some information like an email, username, friends’ name. Everything is simple then. Just follow the instructions provided by the page. If you wonder how to hack Facebook account, you now know the basic strategy.

So, avoid adding people you do not know. This flawed system can get you in trouble. Read more on the matter if you are interested in details.

Alternative methods

The Internet is filled with methods, software, and even eBooks on the subject. If you are interested, you can visit some discussion boards, forums, and sites dedicated to the topic. One can watch plenty of YouTube videos that show step-by-step instructions on some methods.

You may use this information to help protect your account. Besides, you should take other precautions. The site offers several settings you can use to enhance security. Up-to-date browsers and extensions have some useful tools to offer, too. Let’s enumerate some essentials here.

Protect your account

Since it’s a very widespread social media site, the threats are also frequent. Especially for users who access their profiles from different devices. There is always a chance you forget to log out, and a stranger opens it. The Internet is full of other threats, too. to protect your profile from hacks, you should take preventative measures:

  • Come up with a strong password;
  • Connect the account to your mobile number;
  • Activate Secure Browsing option from the Account Settings;
  • Adjust the log in approvals;
  • Turn off the previously active sessions;
  • Use private browsing on the browser you use;
  • Avoid clicking on links that might contain spam;
  • Sign out after using the account.

Be attentive and careful about the things you share as well as how you use the page.

The verdict

All in all, the Internet is full of methods to hack one’s Facebook account. Knowing some general information about them is sure to bring you an insight into how to protect the profile. Stay alert and remember that the Internet can never be completely private. So, avoid sharing too much and take all precautions you can.

Remember the last massive data leak Facebook had? It’s not impossible, and you now know it. There is always a possibility of it happening again. Take it into account.