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What You Should Know About YouTube Music?

Oftentimes, people hear music in YouTube ads or videos but don’t know the name. To determine a musical composition (author, album, year of release), you need to use special programs for recognizing music on a Windows computer and laptop. However, sometimes people do not know how to cancel youtube music. In this article, we will explain to you what to do in this case.

Magic MP3 Tagger – a Program that Is Used to Recognize YouTube Music.

Using the utility, you can determine the song title, artist, and album. The application sorts the found files into folders specified by users. The function of automatically changing the file name is supported.

The program is fully compatible with the Windows operating system (32 and 64 bit). The interface language is English, the Russian version is not available for download. To download and install the utility, you need Windows XP or later. There are two versions of Magic MP3 Tagger available: paid and free. The time of using the free version is unlimited. Software creators do not force users to buy an activation key. The limitation of the free version concerns the batch processing of files. To get the full version of the utility with all functions and capabilities, you need to purchase a license for 15 euros.

After starting the program, you need to specify the name format for future files, and also select a folder on your computer where the found compositions will be saved. To start the music recognition process, you need to upload the mp3 file to the application. It can be a complete song without a title, or a small snippet.

After the user downloads the song, the Magic MP3 Tagger application will start the song recognition process. The final result will be displayed in the “Preview” window. The left window displays the result before the location and name of the unknown song. On the right side, the result after the name of the group, album and song, track number.

YouTube Music – What Is It, How Is It Different from Google Music and YouTube Premium?

YouTube Music’s new music streaming service will primarily appeal to those users who are more likely to consume music through YouTube. It largely repeats the good old Google Music, but now you can not only listen to songs but also watch video clips. The name itself, as it were, speaks for itself – this is musical YouTube. Now you have the opportunity to more closely follow the work of your favorite artists and bands, listen to the latest hits, watch popular videos and discover new music.

The main advantages of YouTube music are:

  1. One of the main features of YouTube Music is its smart AI search.
  2. The function greatly simplifies the usual process of searching for unknown songs, finding them not only by the exact name but also by part of the text or a short description.
  3. If you have heard a cool track somewhere, having memorized only a couple of words – with a high degree of probability YouTube Music will find a suitable song.
  4. The result is a unique “Text Shazam” that neither Spotify or Apple Music has.

After that, send the bot a link to the video from YouTube. In the response message, you will receive two links: download a video in MP4 format or download only audio tracks.