When people hear about free antivirus software like https://bestantiviruspro.org/blog/is-windows-defender-good/, they usually doubt its effectiveness. Yet, some companies offer full-fledged antivirus programs free of charge. The only difference between them and premium ones is the set of additional features. That’s why let’s discuss the top totally free antivirus solutions one canContinue Reading

How to Use Pool Host to Create Multiple Hosts - Post Thumbnail

Multiple hosts can be combined into one host, including all camera channels from different IP addresses. There are two methods for combining multiple hosts: manually creating multiple hosts and quickly creating multiple hosts. For the second method, you can use a Pool Host. How to Manually Create Multiple Hosts So,Continue Reading

How to Reset Winsock in Windows 10? - Post Thumbnail

Winsock can also be called Windows Sockets. It is defined as a technical spec. You may also see it defined as a programming interface. Regardless, it decides the way a program deals with both in- and output requests for Internet apps. Winsock works with TCP/IP in Windows. Let’s get toContinue Reading