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Avast and Its Main Security Options

As a rule, the protection of the most popular browsers is based on the installation of extensions and add-ons that the user chooses to his liking. The “gentleman’s kit” usually includes an ad blocker, a plugin to force access to the https protocol, and an extension to disable tracking scripts. Also, VPN add-ons are popular, and Opera even has one in the box. However, most manufacturers strive to strike a balance between privacy and convenience of services, so they allow sites to collect information about users, and they process it themselves. The developers of external plugins also get access to all confidential information and have the opportunity to monetize it. For example, a study by independent expert Sam Jadali at the end of July this year showed that at least 4 million people use identity theft apps. Also, more and more cases of infection of popular extensions began to appear: a verified plug-in from the store will not always remain safe, since, after its installation, the code may be updated and replaced (and not always with the knowledge of the developers). As a result, if the user does not know about the additional capabilities of the browser to block trackers and digital fingerprints, is not informed about vulnerabilities or attack vectors that require additional plug-ins to protect against them, or simply trusts dubious manufacturers, then ultimately he is left alone with tracking scripts, phishing sites and intrusive ads. Avast Secure Browser is the first bundled solution with a pre-installed set of security tools, both familiar to power users and innovative. This solution is great decision for demandable users.

Avast Behavior Shield

In September 2016, antivirus manufacturer Avast bought AVG for $ 1.3 billion and has now released the first version of its antivirus (Avast 17.1), which uses the work of a former competitor.

Avast 17.1 introduces the following changes:

  • CyberCapture – additional cloud scanning of suspicious files;
  • Behavior Shield – blocking still unknown (0-second) viruses based on behavior;
  • Passive mode – the ability to install and use Avast in parallel with other antiviruses, similar to Windows Defender;
  • Game Mode automatically detects games and increases their priority at startup, in addition to disabling notifications from antivirus and Windows Update;
  • For free version use there is no longer need in registration. It can be used freely by all the volunteers.

After Avast installation, in the task manager will appear the Avast Behavior Shield process.

In order to disable it there is a set of actions:

  • Open Avast, select Settings in the Menu;
  • Choose Protection;
  • Main Components> slider off;
  • Ransomware Screen>slider off.

Indeed, Avast Behavior Shield, a behavior screen that runs in the background, checks the behavior of running programs. The module runs under the aswidsagent.exe process, which is launched from the folder.

aswidsagent.exe is Avast Behavior Shield process, actually refers to the aswbIDSAgent service. The description says: Provides Identity Protection Against Cyber Crime. Basically it’s translated as Provides protection of the individual from cybercrimes.