Totally Free Antivirus: Does It Really Work?

When people hear about free antivirus software like, they usually doubt its effectiveness. Yet, some companies offer full-fledged antivirus programs free of charge. The only difference between them and premium ones is the set of additional features. That’s why let’s discuss the top totally free antivirus solutions one can get this year.

The top choices one may download today

In case you are looking specifically for free antivirus, you should consider choosing from the following options:

  1. Avast Free;
  2. Kaspersky;
  3. Bitdefender Free Edition;
  4. Sophos Home Free.

The highlights of Avast Free

This edition is one of the most generous free options on the market. The developers put plenty of extra features to the bundle. Here one can get a password manager, a safe browser, a network scanner, some optimization tools.

Since it operates as a separate product, the software gets regular updates. Keep in mind that one can only get it for personal use.

An overview of Kaspersky Free Antivirus

First things first. This antivirus is currently unavailable for American users. The rest, however, can enjoy high-quality antivirus protection free of charge. This developer offers only core protection. It also offers a password manager as a separate product (requires additional installation).

Choose this program to prevent all sorts of threats from getting to your data on devices that run on Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android.

An introduction to Bitdefender Free Edition

This company is worth your attention since it’s one of the biggest developers in the world. It offers superb services and excellent protection. Users can enjoy using the same anti-malware engine Premium plans offer with the free edition.

Remember that the free version is very limited and doesn’t offer anything else. To get more features, one will have to upgrade.

How did Sophos Home Free get on the list?

This antivirus delivers moderate protection. Yet, it stands out offering parental control in the free edition. It’s a rare feature in such a category. If you need free antivirus for the whole family, this could be a decent choice.

How to choose the best option for your computer?

To get the best protection from all sorts of malware, one should take into account some useful tips:

  • Pay attention to the results of the independent tests. The labs objectively evaluate the capabilities of every anti-malware engine to help you understand what to expect;
  • Think about the extra features you wish to use. Stay realistic but focus on finding the software that delivers the wanted tools like a password manager or optimization tools, for instance;
  • Verify the developer’s reputation and discover users’ reviews from trusted websites. It’ll help you get a general idea about the company you plan to trust with your data and devices;
  • Choose from the list above to get the best possible experience.

The verdict

Free antivirus software really works. It often delivers the same protection premium plans offer, except for an abundance of extra features that enhance the protection. A user can get decent protection from various threats using free editions from the top providers like Avast, Bitdefender, Kaspersky, etc.