How to Fix Windows 10 Error DPC Watchdog Violation?

Lots of people using Windows 10 have reported the problem of DPC Watchdog Violation. You won’t confuse it with anything else since it has a bright blue screen and the corresponding bug code. It’s not only annoying but confusing since an average user finds it complicated to remove. Let’s get to know more about the problem and a way to fix it. The peculiarities you must know First of all, you must understand its nature. DPC Watchdog Violation happens to the Windows-running devices only. The abbreviation stands for Deferred Procedure Call. Bug Checker monitors the operating system’s processes including the ones happening in the background. When it waits for over 100 microseconds, a user gets the violation message. In case the response isn’t found, the error message occurs. The problem is that the computer restarts 5 seconds later and there is nothing you can do to save crucial data or anything you were doing. Situations that lead to DPC Watchdog Violation Three main scenarios may bring the error message of this kind. They are:

  • Two conflicting apps or programs. For instance, a violation error appears if you try to install new software that doesn’t work with the one you already have installed.
  • Connecting new hardware with the unsupported driver might have the same result. It’s a very common problem for those who connect external hardware for the 1st time.
  • Hardware incapability inside the desktop or laptop. Before buying and adding new hardware, make sure it’s compatible with what you already have.

Aside from that, DPC might take place to signal the updates. What’s more, as soon as the system comes across an unsupported file, the BSOD may appear, too. How to eliminate DPC Watchdog Violation? There are five main ways to eliminate the problem. In this detailed guide, we’ll take a look at some steps that might assist you in fixing the issue.

  • Use Restoro or another advanced repair tool.

Pick a program that was created to detect and repair the problems on your device. In the case with Restoro, you might have to turn off your antivirus for a while, so keep it in mind.

  • Fix the SATA AHCI controller.

Such a solution can help if your problem appears due to a connected storage device or memory. The controller in question deals with data exchange in the storage devices and memory. Changing it is likely to eliminate the problem and remove the violation error.

  • Update the drivers.

It’s a very basic solution that can come in handy. If the system fails to run some old firmware, a user might face DPC Watchdog Violation. Update it to get rid of this problem.

  • Use Event Viewer.

This utility may detect the reason for the violation message. Then you just pick the preferable solution and forget about the problem.

  • Fix all the hard drive errors.

Some disk errors like corrupt files might lead to the problem in question. Fix them all using the Command Prompt or a dedicated program.