How to Reset Winsock in Windows 10?

Winsock can also be called Windows Sockets. It is defined as a technical spec. You may also see it defined as a programming interface. Regardless, it decides the way a program deals with both in- and output requests for Internet apps. Winsock works with TCP/IP in Windows. Let’s get to know more about it as well as a simple way to reset it.

What is Winsock?

As it has been mentioned above, Winsock is a programming interface. On your Windows 10, you are sure to find a DLL entitled winsock.dll. It uses the API and manages both Windows apps and TCP/IP connections. Winsock settings have configurations used for the Internet connection.

The possible cases when Winsock reset is required

If your PC works fine, there’s no reason to deal with Winsock. However, there are situations when Widows Sockets get in trouble. You are sure to notice that because you won’t be able to reach the Internet or open any web pages. This is a definite sign it’s time to fix Winsock.

As a rule, such problems occur when a user downloads unknown files with malware. The latter can block Internet access and Winsock. So, if you can’t open any website, fix the Windows Sockets.

The error message you’ll see will look like one of the four options.

  • One case scenario happens during renewing interface Internet. This message will also state that the action was performed not on a socket.
  • Another two possible cases deal with renewing Local Area Connection. You can get two different messages here. The first one will state that the provider couldn’t be loaded. Another one will mention Error code 2.
  • Finally, if you see the message that there is no permissible adapter for the operation, you know you must reset Winsock.

Step-by-step instruction on how to reset Winsock

So, if you see one of the error messages from the list above, it’s better to reset Winsock. Let’s find out how to do it fast.

  • The first step is preparation. You must create a system restore point. This is an essential step before you proceed.
  • Launch the Command Prompt as an administrator. In the newly opened window, type: netsh winsock reset. Press the Enter button to confirm the action.
  • A user may also get the log file of changes if needed. As an administrator, just modify the command above by adding c:\winsocklog.txt.

Now you must wait for the reset to finish and restart the PC afterward.

In case you don’t feel confident enough to perform it by yourself, reset Winsock using special software. There are several decent options on the market. Pick a suitable utility and fix the issue in one click.

What does the reset bring?

Winsock reset has one main mission. The procedure fixes the corrupt elements of the file. Since you can’t manually go through it and find the problems, you simply remove the old version and add a new copy. The settings will go default and let you access the Internet again.